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  1. This talk reminds me Little red riding hood remakes, like regle­ment de contes. in which the wolf has a crush with the girl. It is a very inter­es­ting and trans­gres­sor look.

  2. It is a BD drawn by Damien Marie and Damien Vanders. It is a remake of classi­cal fairy tales settled in Far West. One of the charac­ters, a wolf outlaw, has a crush with a human girl called Scarlett , who is visiting her grand­mo­ther in a town ruled by three pigs.

  3. Soleil isn, t as commer­cial as Dargaud for example. That,s why you haven,t seen them. They are quite under­ground, but ia have read that regle­ment is a very good comic.

  4. From wich country are you, Wolfka­ra­te­ka ? It’s a little funny to read that Soleil is quite under­ground. It’s one of the biggest comics editor in France.

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